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This year (2017) we are supporting the Martinborough Volunteer Fire Brigade to fit-out their new  4WD Incident Support vehicle.

The 4WD Incident Support vehicle will enable the Martinborough Volunteer Fire Brigade to provide better and faster response to the increasing number of both Medical and Rescue calls over the very large Martinborough area, from Pahaoa on the East Coast, around Cape Palliser to the Rimutakas in the West, as well as to the wider Wairarapa as the situation demands and allows.  The new vehicle offer better patient outcomes and provide off road and remote access capability especially in the rural areas, and  forms an integral part of the Brigade response.

The vehicle will carry specialised support equipment including - First Aid Kit, AED Defibrillator, Specialist Rescue Stretcher, Accident and Incident warning signage, Helicopter Landing Site equipment, A Command and Control package for large incidents plus other equipment to support Brigade operations at any incident.

 It will also provide the support personnel required at incidents, enabling the maximum number of firefighters to commit to the event, while ensuring the safety of firefighters, patients and of the public.

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